13th September 2017
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Why ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is my favourite Roald Dahl book   My copy nestles between Blyton’s ‘The Enchanted Wood’ and a collection of Proysen’s Mrs Pepperpot stories on the shelf right above my desk. Its pages are yellowed with age and pretty much fall out as soon as you open the cover. The

27th February 2017
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Written a couple of years ago, this is just my reflection on how important the teacher-teaching assistant relationship was to my own professional development. I’m reposting it today to celebrate National TA Day. When I originally posted it, about a year ago, the teaching assistants in my area were beginning their fight against 25% pay

18th January 2017
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I could just write it myself… Yes, of course you could. So why do people hire professional freelance writers? There are several benefits to hiring a regular, professional writer: 1. Cost effectiveness You do not need to have a writer on staff with a regular salary, regardless of workload. Unless content is your business, your writing