Marketing materials, blogs, advertising copy, website content, educational literature, newsletters, brochures … whatever you need!

    It is easy to see your online consumers and clients as one huge target market. But every connection made through a phone, tablet or computer screen is with one individual. This crucial fact underpins all my writing and ensures that the reader – your audience – is front and centre at all times.

    As well as meeting any SEO, keyword or CTA requirements, you need a writer who can see things from your customers’ perspective and intertwine this into your copy. And if you don't know what these elements are, you'll have a writer that does.

    How it works

    It's all about the brief, which we define collaboratively.

    Our first meeting is guided by both your requirements and targeted questions which increase the efficiency of the project. Your voice is unique to your business, so quick questions like ‘Do you want to sound authoritative and informative? Or maybe project a sarcastic, kind or flippant edge?’ are crucial. This is as important for a set of product descriptions, as it is for the content of a brand new website.

    We then agree on exact details, including a timeline, budget and deadline.


    All projects are tailored to fit the exact requirements of the client’s brief. So pricing is calculated on an individual basis. Different types of writing, even of the same length, will cost a different amount.

    Pricing structure can be arranged to suit your circumstances; by project, by hour or on a monthly basis.

    It just makes good sense to build a trusting, professional relationship with one writer; rather than settling for the cheapest bid and never quite getting the writing quality that your business deserves.


    At, you receive the undivided attention of Claire McCabe – your project will never be outsourced to another writer.

    Feelings influence actions and writing with empathy has ensured the success of all my previous projects. This is supported by positive feedback from happy customers.

    I work on your projects remotely, from the heart of the East Midlands, the perfect central location.

    • Do you know what you want to say, but are not sure how to say it?
    • Have you just not got enough time to do your own writing?
    • Do you want to improve the quality of your existing content?
    • Would you like an expert second opinion?
    • Maybe you already appreciate the value of hiring a professional writer?

    • Outstanding skill set and diverse writing experience
    • Ethical attitude – reliably meets every deadline
    • Excellent value for money
    • Meticulous research
    • Niche expertise in the field of education

    Copy that connects is committed to producing a consistently high quality product and 100% client satisfaction.

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    Confusion around your business message is severely detrimental to your success. ensures that your meaning is clearly expressed, with no possibility of misinterpretation. People will know precisely who you are and understand exactly what you have to say.
    Whatever your aim – sales conversion, informative content, essential descriptions, entertainment – you want writing that is easily understood and represents the high quality of your business offering or academic standards.
    As the demand for regular, fresh content increases, many wise managers are beginning to realise that hiring an expert is more time efficient and cost effective than trying to get it done themselves.