Two options for you:

  1. Speedy: Get straight to my previous work. Skim the list in the first section, click on the links that take your fancy.
  2. More details: Find out more about some of the listed work in my micro case studies in the second section. Get snacks, get comfy, and settle in for a story.

Get straight to it

Global B2B

  • NewtonX: B2B research company. I’m loving working with them at the moment. So here’s not one, but two examples! Landing pages, articles.
  • FreshBooks: An international accountancy app. These blogs and other articles for their information hubs.
  • Fonoa: International tax tech. I wrote the linked article and edited this one for publication in Bloomberg Tax.
  • Bensdorp: High quality manufacturer of chocolate deliciousness. Article.
  • Sensui: An unbelievably beautiful marketing experience, using immersive floral art. Unfortunately no longer trading, thanks to Covid. Website content.


  • Tax Rebate Services: A company that helps businesses and individual UK taxpayers to be tax efficient. Web content, guides, articles. 
  • KidsClub HQ: School clubs admin system. Website content, landing page.


  • Active Internet Marketing: Digital marketing experts. As well as some work for their clients, they trusted me to write some of their own case studies , like this one.
  • Stream: Full service website design. Some client work and, excitingly, helped bring the words to their own website content upgrade and real life brochure.


Settle in for a story

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

A few stories to illustrate my writing experience so far. Yours will be completely different. Every client’s is.

So if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here, that’s because we need to write that story together.

The case of the fascinating research company

  • B2B SaaS
  • Landing pages, articles

NewtonX is a world-leading B2B market research company. I love working with them. I’ve written a whole host of landing pages, particularly for their ‘Capabilities’ section.

And here’s not one, but two examples of the many articles I’ve written for their blog.

Alongside the usual queries and amendments, my editor Vicky Gu regularly makes comments like:

“Thank-you for your due diligence, as always.”

“I’ll say it again, you are a treat to work with.”

Vicky Gu, editor extraordinaire

And, when I was overthinking writing about their new product to a new audience, she said:

“Understand the trepidation. You have a strong track record of excellence, so I’m not concerned.”

Vicky Gu, professional support personified

How amazing is that? I’m very lucky. She’s also great at sharing information we copywriters don’t always get. Like the fact that my adherence to their SEO strategy, alongside their quality has seen a 40% increase in performance over the last quarter.

The case of the very tricky tax tech explanation

  • B2B
  • International tax tech
  • Article writing
  • Article editing

Fonoa is an international tax automation platform. I’m including this story because it’s one of the trickiest concepts I’ve had to explain so far. I found this article really challenging to write. I was delighted when my first round of edits came back with the comment:

“That’s great, thanks! One of other staff said it’s the first blog of ours that she’s actually understood!”

Christina Biernat

I also edited this article, for placement in Bloomberg Tax. The most challenging thing about it was editing in a live document that constantly had other people in it! Luckily the official author’s first comment was:

“This is 100X better already!”

Rob van der Voude, Fonoa’s Chief Tax Officer – encouraging, not scary!

This piece had several authors and my main aim was to turn the tech-speak into a consistent tone of approachable professionalism. I enjoyed working with this company at it’s inception, to help it present it’s evolving written voice.

Epilogue: Follow Fonoa’s Tax Technology Director on LinkedIn for very human and funny posts about international tax. (Yes – tax!)