How we budget your job is flexible, the options are:

  • Fixed price for the entire job – half payable up front and half on completion of the project. For longer jobs, this may include smaller steps of payment by section.
  • You will simply be invoiced for the number of hours I work on your job, at a pre-agreed rate.
  • We decide on a set number of hours per week/month that I will work on your project. For example, I spend 10 hours per week working on regular blogs or updating a backlog of your website content.

This is not an attempt to avoid answering the question, every job and client is different and requires different skills. Researching an original guide of 3,000 words is a lot different to reworking an article for a 500 word blog piece.

Two guarantees:

  1. There will never be any hidden costs to surprise you at the conclusion of your job. Shorter-term steps on longer jobs are the way I ensure a fair deal for us both.
  2. I will never base a quote solely on the number of words.

How do I know what type of writing I’m asking for?

It doesn’t matter if you request a ghost writer, copy writer or content writer – I want to know what your actual requirements are and I will deliver accordingly. We don’t need to get bogged down by any of these terms. I just want to help you find the right way to say what you mean to your audience.

What if I’m not happy with what you’ve done?

It is important to me that all my clients are happy with their finished product –  and so far they have been. Sometimes, especially if this is the first time we have worked together, you will want a revision of my first draft. (Well, it’s about the 8th draft usually, but the first one I share!) This is usually to tweak the style or tone, or to add in something that the client has forgotten, or take out something they are no longer happy with. For the first piece of work we do and for quick revisions that only take up to half an hour, this revision is included in the price. If you agree several hours of work and then want substantial reworking, this will have an additional cost. That’s why open communication during the whole job is very important.

Why does it take you two days to reply?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. I am my own administrative assistant and, when writing, I turn off all notifications in order to concentrate fully on your project. I look at emails and listen to messages at three points during the working day. If it requires a straightforward answer, it will be a quick reply. I prefer to provide thoughtful replies to more detailed enquiries, which takes a little more time.
  2. I am not a 24/7 emergency service. I don’t envisage ever having a life or death writing situation on my hands!