I could just write it myself…

18th January 2017
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I could just write it myself… Yes, of course you could. So why do people hire professional freelance writers?

There are several benefits to hiring a regular, professional writer:

1. Cost effectiveness

You do not need to have a writer on staff with a regular salary, regardless of workload. Unless content is your business, your writing needs will probably fluctuate in volume during the year.  Hiring a freelancer allows you to pay for exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. (And I don’t need any office space!)

2. Time efficient

You simply don’t have enough time. Your business success depends on your maximum input and there already are not enough hours in the day. Writing jobs are often stuck onto the end of someone’s already full task list and end up being no-one’s priority. A remote writer does not require a full company induction process and only minimal amounts of your time, once the job specifics are finalised. You delegate and get back to running the show.

3. Resolves a skill gap

You have an impressive range of abilities, but writing isn’t near the top of your skill set. Many people are not confident about the level of their own literacy skills and simply prefer to get in a professional.

4. ‘Gets’ the brief

The initial brief of any job, regardless of size and scope, is absolutely crucial. A good writer will have a short list of questions and actively listen to the answers, to ensure they fully understand your requirements.

For example:

Questions like, ‘Who are your main competitors?’ and ‘Who is an example of an industry leader?’ really hone in on what you are aiming for and who you need to beat!

Clients have expressed surprise that I am so interested in their business and its place in the wider sector. But, to me, details like this enable me to produce the best content possible.

5. Translator

Not a language-to-language translation service. But I am an expert at understanding your meaning and translating it into something your site’s users will understand. This could be your concept, a subject guide or simply catching a gap in information that prevents potential customers from seeing the whole picture.

6. Your written voice

Have you ever been trapped in the frustration of knowing what you want to say, but not quite been able to find the right words? Developing a relationship with a regular writer means never having to struggle through this again!

Employing the same writer over time gives your business voice a recognisable consistency that is trusted by your clients.

7. Bespoke service

You have a direct link to one individual that is totally focussing on your writing projects.

These are just seven of the factors that previous clients have related to me, as part of their positive experience of hiring a freelance writer (me!).

There is a reported shift in opinion happening around online content from ‘just another job to get done’, to seeing quality content as being an important investment in your success. Worth a thought, the next time you find yourself trying to squeeze in writing the company blog between meetings?

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