How to discuss your writing job with your freelance writer

Your writing job is unique because you and your business are unique. Yes I will use previous experience and knowledge from similar projects, but our primary aim is to use your unique written voice.

Alongside your requirements, I will use the following questions to guide our initial conversation. Over time, I have learned that these are the questions I have needed to ask clients as a writing job unfolded. It is simply more efficient to begin with gathering this information at the start of our project together.

The reason I don’t just send you a form to fill in is because the value is in the conversation itself. I record your answers on a form as we chat and refer to them as I work on your writing job.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to think about this before hand. I know some people prefer to have a think about things before having to explain them to someone else – which is why I have included them here.



What do you need me to write? (Blog, sales brochure, ‘How to’ Guide, ‘About Us’ page etc.)


Who am I writing to? ( customers, staff, new clients)


What do you want your readers/users to do? How do you want them to feel? (Join your newsletter, buy your product, understand information etc,)


How do you want it to sound? (eg light hearted, knowledgeable, friendly)


  • What words/phrases do you definitely want in there?
  • Anything you definitely do not want included?
  • Key words, SEO requirements?


  • Which other businesses in your field would you say are examples of ‘best practice’?
  • What makes you unique? What are you proudest of?
  • What is your key message?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • Do you have any favourite websites/other media in terms of language style? (This doesn’t have to be in your sector.)