Do you hate reading? Then my writing service is for you

I’ve decided to upgrade my service level by offering to send you a voice memo of your written documents. Up to a certain size, this is included in the price of the overall job.

Woohoo! A useful something extra for no extra cost.

Why is this good for me?

I think this is a great option for several different types of client:

Prefer to listen than read

I’m not getting into a learning styles argument here, but some people take in information more efficiently when they hear something, rather than read it.

Are you that kind of person? Do you always turn on the sound to watch a video? Do you remember what you hear, better than what you read?

If this is just your preferred way of getting information, I can oblige with an audio version of whatever written documents I’m working on with you.

Multitasking time saver

Sometimes people prefer to listen because they can do two or more things at once.

I read a post by a doctor discussing how his colleagues keep up with current research reading. He said that people don’t necessarily have time to read publications, but they do have time to listen to them. His solution is to record himself reading articles and posting them for others to listen to.

(If anyone knows who I’m talking about, can you let me know so I can credit him? Thanks.)

This rang a very loud bell in my head and encouraged me to develop this idea.

If I’ve re-written your website copy, you can listen to it while you’re out for a run. You can listen to your latest batch of blogs during your commute. Press play and I’ll read your newsletter to you while you make the dinner.

Learning disabilities cost time

If you have any kind of literacy based learning disability, it usually means that anything written takes more time and effort – even as a successful adult with well-developed strategies.

According to the NHS, one in ten people in the UK fall somewhere on the dyslexia scale. And that’s a figure for just the best known learning disability.

Just like everybody else, you’ve got other business concerns to be getting on with. Now you don’t need to spend extra time deciphering the text that’s a crucial part of your marketing.

You speak English as an additional language

Again, it’s a time saver to be able to listen to words, rather than have to decode the meaning from the writing. If you studied a different language at school, you probably remember how much more difficult it is to read and write in a different language, than it is to hold a conversation. Thinking about my A-level French exam still makes me anxious – and that was a looooong time ago.

So if English is your different language, make it a bit easier on yourself and ask for an audio file with your writing.

Why are you adding this service without any extra cost?

I realised that I tend to sit and read out my work to myself to ‘see what it sounds like’, once I get down to the final version. So it’s only one additional step to recording it. It really doesn’t take very long, I’m using a function that’s already on my phone (simple and no extra cost), and there will be a reasonable cap on the ‘free’ part.

I believe that it really is just part of giving my clients the best service possible. I think this means meeting their needs, including full accessibility to the work I deliver.

Why didn’t you do this before?

I never thought of it before.

Rather unsurprisingly, I absolutely LOVE reading, writing and anything else to do with words. It saddens me that some people don’t. Then I remember that it’s just the same attitude I have to participating in sport.

Also, I am definitely NOT a multitasker. If I try to do more than one important thing at once, nothing is done right. So, that’s not something I do.

I take in information best when I read something. If I want to remember something I’m listening to, I have to take notes. I’m just very text focused. Given my background in teaching, I’m slightly ashamed that I didn’t consider doing this from the start. But at least it’s a go now!


Are you just put off any kind of writing project straightaway because you know you’re going to have to read the end result? Well, now I can write it for you and you can listen to the result. You can even email me your response as a voice memo, if that’s also helpful. Hope you find this an extra time saver in your already packed life. I look forward to working with you!

Featured image: Photo by FuYong Hua on Unsplash


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