How much does copywriting cost?

28th February 2018
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How much does copywriting cost?


Traditional answer: “How long is a piece of string?”

But I’ve decided to launch three writing packages – with price tags attached!


3 packages representing copywriting cost of my bundles


This doesn’t mean that I am now only delivering these packages, far from it. All writing jobs are unique, I deliver a bespoke service (package or not) and most clients need a corresponding custom price.


Why do the packages at all?

Good question, imaginary person I’m writing to! I have discovered that many clients need the same sort of thing and I thought it would be helpful to those who are considering outsourcing their writing to see an actual priced package of work.


I’ve gone for three different ones, which meet different client requirements. The price says ‘from £…’ because, as we all know, there are always scammers who will try to get something for nothing. I’ve given a ‘from’ amount based on similar work I’ve done in the past for the expected length of the text type. The wording gives me a get out clause for the inevitable eegit that tries to get me to edit their six page site, where each page is 5,000 words long! It’s not a guaranteed price, I still have to assess your requirements to make sure we’ve both got a fair deal. Essentially everything is still a pick and mix selection that you choose to suit your requirements.


My 3 New Copywriting Packages

1. The ‘Thank goodness I don’t have to think about that any more!’ Package.

Writing a weekly blog article doesn’t sound like much to start with, until you realise that it means a weekly blog article from now until the end of time! Initial enthusiasm is hard to sustain, even when you love your business. It is difficult to keep momentum going and prioritise your time to get it done. Unfortunately it can end up being one of those jobs that is constantly nagging at the back of your mind, simply because there’s always the next one. ‘Relentless blogging syndrome’ really should be a thing!


My package is for four blog articles from £280. This allows for two hours work per article and includes: meticulous research, high authority references, SEO considerations, consistent high quality and tone of voice. That’s your ‘regularly updated content’ done for a whole month – four substantial, blog articles ready for your weekly post.


If you’re in a position to plan further into the future, then I suggest a further content planning meeting in which we can work out all the content you will require for a few months. Once you’ve decided on the actual content of the articles, you can stop thinking about it and leave it up to me.


copywriting cost represented by question and answer sharing


As the demand for regular, fresh content increases, many wise managers are beginning to realise that investing in an expert is more time efficient and cost effective than trying to get it done themselves.


2: The ‘It’s time I just got this done!’ Package

Need to get some web content written? This one’s for you – five web pages from £175.


Producing all the initial content for a new website, or the launch of a new product or service, can be daunting. Particularly when you’re faced with the blank page/screen as your starting point.


copywriting cost shown as rubix cubes


It’s often the job that keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of the list – mainly because you’re already flat out with the rest of the business. But you know you just need to get it done before it ends up stalling the whole project.


As part of my service I include many elements that clients sometimes aren’t aware they should be looking for, such as:

  • Research into competitor and ‘best practice’ sites in the same field
  • Key word, SEO, CTA  and internal linking requirements
  • Ensuring minimum repetition throughout the site as a whole


3. The ‘Spring Clean’ Package

A thorough edit of six web pages from £70 – excellent value – keeping your pages’ structure and content the same, your site’s wording gets a good spring clean!


copywriting cost spring cleaning package shown as a feather duster


This is your best option if you just fancy sprucing up your website. It includes a proofread to catch any spelling or grammar errors and alternative wording to improve the clarity of your text if needed.


You don’t need an entire site overhaul, but the wording doesn’t quite fit any more. Just like their owners, businesses evolve and your written voice should reflect this growth. Or maybe you just want a professional eye cast over the copy you’ve written yourself.


I hope that defining these packages is helpful in terms of specifics and budget considerations. Do feel free to get in touch with your own requirements and I will design a bespoke package with a custom price.

I look forward to hearing from you! I’m also suddenly curious about the psychology behind the ‘spring clean’…perhaps a future blog article…hmmmm….

Image and photo credit: the wonderful Pixabay


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