3rd August 2020

Shhh….shhhh…. Remember this massive hit from Bjork?! It’s the first song that popped into my head when I started writing this. Hello Gorgeous people! Yes, this is my first blog post in a while. Not the best of ideas to slacken on the old self promotion and I know the value of consistent posting. So,

9th June 2019
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Woohoo! I’m writing this partly in celebration of World Gin Day. And partly to share my enthusiasm for my writing work. I’ve got to get it out somewhere! Warning: There will be an overabundance of exclamation marks that I’m not apologising for or editing out. “Imagine if one day I actually get paid to write about

31st May 2019
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Allow me to set the scene… I belong to a local business club. It’s structured but informal, and not at all like the target-driven scariness I’ve heard rumours about. Part of each meeting is a member’s ’10 minutes’, where each of us talks to the rest for ten minutes about something to do with our