SEO copywriting services at include:

  • Articles – including lead generation
  • Marketing materials
  • Blog articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Subject specific guides
  • Advertising copy
  • Website content – including ‘About Us’ and landing pages
  • Curriculum writing
  • Video scripts

  • Educational materials – including comprehension questions, lesson plans and test questions
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Proposals
  • Proofreading – including academic theses
  • Anything else you need!

Everything is written with the common intention of connecting you with the individuals on the other side of the screen and prompting them into action.

Careful thought is crucial to producing your bespoke, quality text. The impact of  your key words and phrases is maximised by weaving them into the text, without compromising on the flow of the writing. Your USP and business’s identity underpins the tone and vocabulary of your project. Whatever your writing needs, will precisely fulfill your brief.

Writing Packages

I have bundled together some of my services into packages. These are often requested and will give you some idea of how much things cost. But you can also treat it as a ‘pick and mix’ to suit your needs.


Package 1: Thank goodness I don’t have to think about that any more!

4X Blog articles starting from £280


  • Free half hour meeting to work out a content plan
  • Original, well researched articles
  • High authority references
  • Consistently high quality in your written voice

That’s your ‘regularly updated content’ done for a whole month – four substantial,  blog articles ready for your weekly post. We can even do all the thinking for a few months in advance during our initial content planning meeting. Then you can just put it out of your head.


Package 2: It’s time I just got this done!

5X web pages starting from £175


  • Half hour initial meeting with client to discuss their brief (free, so not included in cost)
  • Research into competitor and ‘best practice’ sites in the same field
  • Key word, SEO, CTA  and internal linking requirements
  • Ensuring minimum repetition throughout the site as a whole

If you’re starting a new website, producing all the initial content can be rather daunting – especially if you’re a sole trader. Just get it done and hire in the expertise you need. Tick it off and move forward.


Package Three: Spring Clean

6X web pages edited from £70


  • Proofread for basic spelling and grammar errors
  • Offer alternative wording to sentences and paragraphs to improve clarity and flow
  • Keeping your pages, layout and content the same, your site’s wording gets a good spring clean!

This is a great, option if you fancy sprucing up your website. You don’t want an entire site overhaul, but the wording doesn’t quite fit any more. Just like their owners, businesses evolve and your written voice should reflect this growth. Or maybe you’ve written all your copy yourself and you just want a professional eye cast over it. Whatever the reason, the Spring Clean Package is excellent value.



Not included as part of my SEO copywriting services:

    • Legal, financial or medical documents that require specific knowledge and/or qualifications
    • Anything that contravenes the rules of ethics that govern academic institutions. For example; writing all, or part, of an essay or dissertation.