30th November 2017
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What is a Xennial? NEW WORD ALERT!!! Time for a Word Focus blog article methinks! The term ‘Xennial’ was first coined in a GOOD magazine article called, ‘Reasonable People Disagree about the Post-Gen X, Pre-Millennial Generation’ by Sarah Stankorb and Jed Oelbaum in 2014. The introduction to this article defines ‘Xennials’ as: “Between Generation X and

22nd November 2017
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How walking helps my writing Not walking and writing simultaneously you understand; I can barely walk and talk at the same time without falling over. But after many years, I am finally realising that movement and brain function are connected. Yes, I understood it on a science based ‘exercise-is-good-the-body-and-mind-are-one’ basis. But, as anyone who knows

15th November 2017
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What do I need to discuss with my freelance writer? This is a good question to consider, especially if you’ve never hired a writer before.   After a few years of conversations with clients, I have learned which questions are really crucial to creating a clear, valuable brief. It is simply more efficient to ask

25th October 2017
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I love this description of writing because it inextricably links the thinking and the writing – one cannot happen without the other. When you hire a writer you are getting a whole lot more than a word count. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true…bad writing confuses the reader with ambiguous meaning. Confusion around your business

11th October 2017

What is a portmanteau? A portmanteau is when the first and last part of two different words are smushed together to create a new word with its own meaning. Like smash + mushed = smushed. This is a nice little explanatory video from Oxford Dictionaries.   It is also the name of a big suitcase

4th October 2017
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“So…what’s your blog about?” My standard answer: “Erm….well…it’s, kind of, well, stuff about words and writing and things like that.” That’s got you hooked, hasn’t it?! Not exactly the eloquent description necessary to tempt regular readers. I finally realised that my problem describing my blog’s content is that I hadn’t clearly defined its purpose to